President Donald Trump held a press conference Saturday afternoon and signed four Executive Orders that are offering relief to the nation as the coronavirus pandemic continues. 

The four Executive Orders signed by President Trump signed included: 

Payroll Tax Holiday to go through the end of 2020. During the press conference, President Trump mentioned that if re-elected on November 3, he would be looking into terminating the payroll tax all together. 

Eviction Protection - Renters and Homeowners will now have protection from eviction. Through the Executive Order financial assistance will be offered through HHS. 

Unemployment Benefits - $400 per week payment will be put into place. The states will be responsible for 25% and the Federal Government will cover 75% of the cost. 

Student Loan relief - Student loan rates have already been dropped to zero percent , but student loan payments are suspended through the end of the year. 

Managing Editor

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