Eric Stinson

A former Big Spring resident and 2018 Big Spring High School graduate, Eric Stinson and his wife, Chesney, are working on a bucket list. 

First on the list was to join the military, which was achieved, about two years ago. However, two weeks into his journey, an unexpected surprise came and turned Stinson's world upside down. Two weeks into U.S. Army Basic Training, Eric got a shoulder injury, which led to the discovery and diagnosis of Ewing Sarcoma Cancer.

That diagnosis, which nobody ever expects to hear, started Eric on a journey of making the most out of life in the time he is given, which kicked off the bucket list journey. Over the past 15 months, in the process of experiencing life and making memories, Eric has been in and out of the hospital, but that hasn't caused him to lose sight of his dreams. He continues to push forward with an upbeat, positive attitude and the desire to share joy with his family.

After marrying the love of his life, Chesney, in May, the couple worked on the list together. One of the next items was to go to a Post Malone Concert. The tickets were purchased and then came another unexpected turn. With Eric being in the hospital on palliative care, the couple won't be able to make the concert. 

Post Malone will be in San Antonio, where Eric is in the hospital, later this month for the concert. Since Eric is unable to attend the concert any longer, which was one of the Bucket List items, the family and a group of friends have sent out the call to get Post Malone to Eric.

Since Eric has been in the hospital, he has made some new friends, including a 12-year-old named Brock. Brock is fighting Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer and when Eric heard about the fear Brock had, he ventured over to his hospital room for a chat. Brock has been in the hospital since late-July of this year. The two bonded over their journeys and Eric offered encouragement to the 12-year-old. 

"He took the time, during his own hospital stay, to provide Aa kid he didn’t even know, information that only people with cancer know," Brock's mom explained in a post on Facebook. "He explained some of the hurdles he had experienced with treatments, since he was fighting his own battle."

She continued, "Eric made a special trip to go see him and Brock needed to see Eric; Eric needed that as well. They have developed a bond that only God can explain."

Bonds are being formed, and even though Eric is in the hospital, his positive impact on the world is far from being done. The mission has been established, Post Malone is being asked to take a moment and visit Eric. This is a meeting, a moment, a memory that won't soon be forgotten. The family is encouraging all who see this message to do their part, spread the message and hopefully, it will come across the right person, with the right connection, and with a little bit of faith, Eric will have one more memory made and one more item crossed off that Wish List. So Post Malone if by chance you see this, add in a moment while you are in San Antonio this month, and stop in and meet Eric Stinson and share his story. 

Managing Editor

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