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The City is diligently working to restore water service to all residents.  In order to facilitate this, I am asking all residents and businesses to please conserve water.  For the time being, please only use City water for personal health and hygiene purposes. We understand residents are eager to resume their normal routine, however, at this time your normal routine can delay your neighbors water service being restored.  

Please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Please do not use water for washing vehicles at this time.
  2. For the time being, please minimize washing laundry as best you can.
  3. Where possible, take showers instead of baths as they use less water.  Please keep showers short.  
  4. Please report water main leaks to the non-emergency dispatch center at 432-264-2550.
  5. If you have a pipe burst in your home, close the water valve at your water meter.  If you need assistance or are unable to do so, please call the non-emergency dispatch center at 432-264-2550 to request an emergency water cut off.  

Following these simple requests for the next few days will help the City supply water to all the citizens of Big Spring and will alleviate the need for water conservation orders. 

We at the City understand that everyone in Big Spring has been affected by this historic winter weather.  We simply ask that everyone continues to be good neighbors to those that are still being affected in the aftermath.   


Managing Editor

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