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City of Big Spring Emergency Management has teamed up with local hotels/motels to ensure the safety and security of our at-risk population. This may be a homeless person, stranded motorist or a resident who has lost power, water or heat at home and cannot afford short term accommodations. Preference will be given to the elderly and children.
For the next 96 hours, or until the disaster declaration is lifted by the Mayor of Big Spring, the program will be in effect to ensure everyone has a warm and safe place. If you need emergency shelter, please contact Big Spring /Howard County Dispatch at 432-264-2550. The dispatchers, upon taking the call for request of help, will request the following information 
1.They will take the names of each person;
2.The number of people in the party;
3.They will take the ages of each person in the party;
4.They will record a date of birth of each person;
5.They will record the address.  If they are homeless that will be noted;
6.The reason for referral to a warming shelter;
7.They will record a telephone number or way to contact them;
8.They will record what shelter the party was referred to.
The dispatcher shall send a person to the first hotel on the list and then to the next hotel down the list.
Each party will be allowed to stay at the warming shelter for 72 hours or until the Mayor lifts the disaster declaration for the cold weather. Subject to check out time of the hotel on the last day. 

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