County Commissioners upgrade security at Courthouse, Tax Office

Amanda Elston
Managing Editor

Talks of beefing up security measures in Howard County became a reality Monday night during the Howard County Commissioners Court.
An incident of a man seen with a gun outside of the Howard County tax office prompted Judge Kathryn Wiseman to discuss stepping up security measures in Howard County.
“It was a little scary, so we decided we need to upgrade the security at the Courthouse and the Tax office,” Wiseman said.
Commissioners approved the placement of security cameras at certain parts of the Courthouse and Tax Office. Expanding surveillance would not be meant to prevent crimes, but would allow law enforcement to be able to go back and see what happened, Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker explained.
Also during the meeting, Commissioner Craig Bailey of Precinct 2 brought up that the problems with the roads are the same ones faced before, high road use from increased oil field traffic and difficulty receiving state funds to upkeep and repair the damage. Bailey encouraged citizens to contact their local representatives in order to receive the money voted on last November in order to use it for road repairs.