An A-to-Z Christmas tree

Photo by Lyndel Moody
Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree! Thy pages are so unchanging.
A Christmas Tree display constructed from red and green reference books and topped with a copy of the Holy Bible at the Big Spring High School library has been bringing in a number of visitors lately.
Irene Richardson, who took over as the high school’s librarian this year after the retirement of Peggy Skiles, is quick to point out the idea is not original. She saw something similar on the web site Pinterest.
And from that inspiration, Richardson and fellow assistant Hilary Payne carefully crafted the tree from bottom to top alternating red and green books from the library’s reference section, a rarely used area in the Internet Age.
In fact, the medium-size display is made up of 300 books all together.

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