Dallas disaster: Are the media's angry voices finally being drowned out?

Staff Writer

By Howard Kurtz

For once, calmer voices in the media seem to be prevailing.

The angry and polarizing voices are still there, to be sure. But they are not as overpowering.

In the wake of the awful fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and the cold-blooded massacre of police officers in Dallas, a realization is dawning on many in the news business. That it is possible to be for the police and against police brutality. That it is possible to grieve just as strongly for innocent black men killed in traffic stops and in front of markets as for brave law-enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect our communities.

The incentives in the journalism world, especially television, is to choose sides. To fight for the cops and denounce black activists or to fight for the black community and denounce police racism.

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