HC “Madrigal” hits its Marx

Staff Writer

The Kingdom of Freedonia held a three-day feast this past weekend, bidding lords and ladies from around the area to come for merriment, song, music, and dancing for all.
Among the attendees were special guests — the Mad Madrigal Brothers — Lord Honko, Lord Chicolini, and Lord Firefly, who looked suspiciously like the early 20th century comedy act, the Marx Brothers — Harpo, Chico, and Groucho.
The dinner theater is a fundraising production by the Howard College Fine Art Department. It combined the talents of the music, theater, dance, and art departments to produce the Renaissance-themed show. Along with comedy skits, the evening included live Renaissance music and dancing by Howard College fine art students.
Interaction between the actors and audience is essential to creating a fun night and in this case, the young actors, dancers, and musicians rose to the occasion.