SA: Last push for Kettle Drive

Staff Writer

Big Spring’s Salvation Army is asking the community to help meet the 2016 Kountry Kettle campaign.
Salvation Army Corps Officer Lt. Josh McKain said he knows the new goal, $45,000, is a lot.
“It’s more,” he said. “Last year, I think it was $35,000. As far as a plea, or what to give, people that will give probably have already given.”
McKain said the campaign still has about $16,000 to raise in order to meet the goal, adding that the funds are for a worthy cause.
“We cut what we charge for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club,” he said. “We have to try to make up the difference and that comes from donors. The donors are the difference. Without them, we cannot do what we do.”
ALON USA and its local 7-Eleven stores will hold a fund-raiser for the Kettle Campaign on Tuesday at the stores beginning at 8:30 a.m.
For more information call the Salvation Army at 267-8239.