Smack! Marcy principal kisses pig

Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Marcy Elementary School Principal Alecia Hancock was beaming with excitement as she bent down to give an awaiting pig a big smack on the lips, fulling her part of a bet with her students Wednesday morning.
In the excitement department, the pig was not at all amused.
“Many of the children had not seen a live pig, and they kept asking me 'Are you really going to kiss a real pig,'” said Hancock, who as a former stock show contestant and the daughter of an agriculture teacher was quite comfortable with the farm animal. “The little ones didn't want me to. They kept saying 'I don't want you to kiss a pig.' And then the older ones, of course, were like 'I hope its muddy and nasty.'”
The pig kissing moment was made possible by the elementary students. About five weeks ago, the principal made a deal with the student body. If they could amass 3,000 Accelerated Reading (AR) points she would kiss a pig. The student body earned 3,118 AR points in the five-week challenge, Marcy officials said.