A-F rating gets failing marks from BSISD trustees

Staff Writer

The Big Spring ISD board of trustees unanimously passed a resolution calling for the repeal of the Texas Education Agency’s proposed A-F rating system Thursday night during their regular meeting.
Frustration over the new rating system, which is to take effect August 2018 for the 2017-2018 school year, was evident from several trustees and educators president during the meeting.
“The Texas Legislature has enacted legislation that requires the commissioner of education to implement a school rating system that assigns A-F scores to a district and campuses. Ours came out along with everyone else’s in the state. Not very flattering,” explained Big Spring ISD Superintendent Chris Wigington.
“Every superintendent I’ve spoke with over the last month is pretty furious over the ratings they got,” he continued. “The ratings will not improve school performance whatsoever. High stakes testing is a primary source for this rating. Fifty-five percent of that rating comes off one day or a few days of testing. It gives our community and people a false impression about our students. It gives them a false impression about our schools and ignores the strength of our schools and ultimately reduces the worth of our students.”
Big Spring trustees joined Forsan ISD and Coahoma ISD whose boards also signed similar resolutions.
“Teachers are tired of being beat down,” Wigington said. “Teachers, principals, administrators and school districts are tired of being beat down and the only way we are going to get this thing changed is to get parents involved and teachers come together as a group. If we can get all the teachers in the state of Texas to come together that is a huge, huge voting block and we can get things changed but we have to get parents involved with this.”