County to have its day in Austin

Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Crossroads residents have a chance to make their voices heard to state leaders by participating in Howard County Day in Austin this month.
“First, this is basically to show support for our elected officials,” said Terry Wegman, Big Spring Economic Development Corporation (EDC) executive director. “Second, we want to show that Howard County is interested in what’s going on in Austin and to tell them not to forget us. Third, this is a chance to visit our representatives to talk about the session and meet with their staff to get to know them a little better.”
Howard County Day in Austin occurs biennially when the state legislature is in session and is an opportunity for participants to visit their representatives and make their issues known during the day trip to the State Capitol. This year, Howard County Day in Austin will be held on Feb. 23.
The EDC, which sponsors the event, has chartered a bus to carry residents down to Austin. Tickets are $40 but the deadline to purchase a seat on the bus is Friday, Feb. 17.