BSHS art students create murals as a fundraiser

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

A group of Big Spring High School students created an artistic “family tree” this week for some of Big Spring’s elder citizens.
“The tree that they are painting for us is going to be the family tree for our residents,” said Sherrean Jones, community relations manager for Marcy Place Assisted Living Community, 2301 Wasson Rd. “What we’re going to do is, we have pictures of all our residents here and just a little summary about them, things that they like, where they’re from, and things like that. They’re going to be framed and put all over the tree so that people will be on the tree.”
BSHS art teacher Andrea Phinney said the students are members of the extra-curricular art club at the high school.
“We’re trying to raise money to go to Seattle. We’ve been doing so many fundraising projects throughout the year,” she said. “Right now we’re selling chocolate, we’ve done bake sales, we’ve hosted Art Night, we’ve just done a whole lot of things to get us ready.”
Area residents who would like to commission work from the BSHS Art Club should contact Phinney by email at