Citizens voice support for county library program

HERALD photo/Sandrena Koning
Staff Writer

During the Howard County Commissioner’s meeting Monday, five residents spoke their concerns about talk of the county merging library services with Howard College.
In January, the county and college signed an inter-local agreement to share a head librarian to oversee both programs. According to officials from both entities, neither has had much luck in filling the position themselves.
Once filled, one of the responsibilities for the new head librarian will be to research ways to combine the two entities’ resources to create a program that fits the need of the future. However, officials from both entities have stressed they have not made any long-term commitments toward merging the two library programs other than sharing a head librarian.
A large crowd attended the afternoon meeting held in the commissioner’s courtroom on the third floor. Speaking to commissioners, homeschool mom Kimberly Mosino said her family uses the library frequently as a tool to help educate her son.
“The ladies that are there currently are super helpful, and it’s a family atmosphere,” Mosino said. “ What I’ve heard —and I don’t know if it is true — is that the county and the college library is going to be combined. I used both.
“For a family that uses it for children, the college library is not little kid friendly,” she said. “They are nice people, and I am not saying anything bad about them, they have very different features. I don’t know how much of what I am hearing is true and how much is rumor, but we need our library alot, and we want the county library to stay a county library separate from the college.”
Howard County Judge Kathryn Wiseman told the crowd the county is not considering closing the library and "there is a lot of misinformation circling around."
For questions or concerns about the library issue, residents are encouraged to contact their local county commissioner.