Smoky smell coming from Amarillo wildfires

Staff Writer

Howard County residents woke up to a acrid smell in the air as a cold front brought smoke into the Permian Basin from large wildfires in the Amarillo area.
According to Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan, the smoke does not pose a danger to the county but he does suggest people with respiratory issues to take precautions.
“If you have children with asthma, I would suggest if you have a air conditioner or a window unit to place it on recycle and not bring in any outside air,” he said. “We are just going to have to live with it for the next 24 hours or at least until the winds shift and start blowing it away from us.”
The Associated Press reported this morning wildfires are burning in multiple states — Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma — prompting evacuations.
A pair of fires in the Texas Panhandle burned more than 100 square miles. One of the blazes near Amarillo threatened about 150 homes, the Associated Press reports.
A cold front this morning carried in smoke from the Amarillo fire into the Permian Basin and New Mexico, according to a news release from the National Weather Service.