A toast to Rotary

HERALD photo/Lyndel MoodyHERALD photo/Lyndel Moody
Staff Writer

Members of the Greater Big Spring Rotary Club were clinking glasses at the end of long Saturday night to celebrate the success of their second Pints for Polio fundraiser.
“I think we will have doubled our profits from last year to this year, and we hoping to do even better next year,” said Emily McCann, Greater Big Spring Rotary president.
Pints for Polio is a beer/wine sampling event with the proceeds going toward Rotary’s International Polio eradication project and the local Rotary’s projects within the community.
According to Barney Dodd, one of the event organizers, the evening’s social drew an estimated $8,000 to $10,000 in donations, not excluding the costs to put on the event
“We did really well,” Dodd said. “For that many people to come out and donate that amount of money is fantastic. Of course there are going to be costs, but to create this event from nothing … and have our first one just last year and to double it this year is just fantastic.”
For more information about the Greater Big Spring Rotary Club, call Debbie Wegman can be contacted at 432-263-8235.