City begins to close off part of tarmac at airpark

Staff Writer

Last week, the city of Big Spring began the installation of barriers along Airpark Drive by the old Western Container building that will eventually cut off any public through traffic access on the tarmac from the back of the Hangar 25 Air Museum to the old plastic bottle manufacturing company.
This is the start of a bigger plan to ultimately change the traffic flow at the airpark for the new rail that has been built in order to keep drivers who would normally use the road safe.
“We built some new track at the airpark that is adjacent to the tarmac,” said Terry Wegman, executive director of the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation. “Part of that design included some barriers that will basically close off part of the tarmac.”
Currently the barriers are just southwest of the what used to be the Western Container building and when finished will be a long arc that curves across the tarmac. The construction is currently on going and the city plans to continue putting up the barriers all the way across to Douglas Street.
According to Wegman, the traffic primarily consist of drivers from the southwest part of town using the road as a shortcut to get to Interstate 20. The barriers currently only divert traffic away from the railroad tracks but will eventually extend to move traffic away from the tarmac entirely so the area can be used for loading and offloading from the tracks.
Drivers who normally use the road are encouraged to use caution and follow the cones and signage in the area abiding by all traffic laws.