Changes coming to Big Spring ISD elementaries

Staff Writer

Big Spring ISD announced Friday major reconfigurations of its elementary campuses for the upcoming school year.
Beginning next fall, all four Big Spring ISD elementaries will cater to specific grade levels, according to a press release issued from the district’s community relations office.
“Moss and Marcy Elementary Schools will become kindergarten through second grade campuses,” Superintendent Chris Wigington said in the release. “Washington Elementary School will become a third grade only campus, and Goliad Elementary School will become a fourth grade only campus.
Wigington said the move is being made to help improve academic learning adding this type of configuration is nothing new in Texas. District’s such as Monahans, Sweetwater, and Andrews have had this type of configuration for a number of years.
“We are doing this to give the students the best possible chance at being successful,” Wigington said.
For years, district officials have talked about ways to tighten vertical and horizontal alignment of its curriculum. Essentially that means the district works to make sure teachers on each of the campuses are on the same page when it comes how and what concepts are taught in the classroom. This was one of the concerns the Texas Education Agency pointed out to officials after a site visit a few years ago. The visit was prompted after several years being tagged by the agency as a low academic performing district.
Wigington said the move just makes sense.
“Basically with four elementaries, its very difficult to keep everybody on the same page and it is also difficult when you have a lot of kids moving from campus to campus throughout the year,” he said. “We will have all our third grade teachers on the same campus, all our fourth grade teachers together. They can plan together, discuss things together.”
Wigington acknowledged the burden this will place on parents with multiply school age children in the district who prefer to walk or drive their children to school. Many of those parents will now have to make visits to several campuses depending on the age of their children. Also, the district will now have to increase its bus routes, Wigington said.
“We took that into consideration,” Wigington said. “We are doing everything we can to help alleviate that inconvenience, but we as a district have to look at what’s the best education for our children.”