BSISD votes to outsource its food service program

Staff Writer

Big Spring ISD got out of the food service industry Thursday night.
Trustees voted unanimously to accept a bid by Aramark to provide food service to the district’s campuses. The transition to move the program from under the district’s authority to Aramark is expected to begin in the coming weeks.
The move is a cost-savings measure, district officials have stated. Currently, local tax money is used to subsidize the program, according to Superintendent Chris Wigington, adding district officials have been researching the idea of outsourcing its food service program since last year.
The change was not welcomed by many of the current food service employees who attended the board of trustees meeting Thursday. The crowd was somber as they gathered outside briefly before leaving. None of the employees wished to speak on record about the decision.
“We just got kicked out of Big Spring ISD,” one person said.
However, both Wigington and Board President Tony Kennedy said the welfare of the employees were at the top of their lists.
“We’ve told the food service ladies we are going to take care of them and we are,” Wigington said after the meeting. “The board is committed to taking care of them. We want to do what is best for Big Spring ISD, but we also want to take care of our employees, and we are going to do that.
“All those ladies do a phenomenal job,” he continued. “I appreciate everything they do on a daily basis for our kids. We felt like it was something we needed to do for this school district.”