Arrests made in relation to Hernandez case

Staff Writer

Three people have been arrested on warrants related to the case of the recent death of a 12-year-old who was killed when a gun discharged while several stolen firearms were being unloaded from a vehicle.
The Howard County Sheriff's Office issued four warrants and made three arrests in the case of Jose Hernandez, 12, who was fatally struck by a bullet fragment during the illegal activity.
“These warrants are in relation to the case involving the death of Jose Hernandez on Wednesday May 19, 2017,” stated a news release on the Howard County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.
“It is suspected that the individuals involved had something to do with the burglary of a residence another county south of San Angelo..." which included around 28 stolen guns among other property, according to Sheriff Stan Parker at a press conference held earlier this week.
The three individuals who have been arrested are Christopher Andrew Yanez, 24; Cindy Machado Lopez, 20; and Cody Alan Wingo, 28. All three were arrested on warrants for firearm smuggling with three or more firearms. One other suspect, Kimberly Kay Carson, 31, has been issued a warrant, but has yet to be located.
The Howard County Sheriffs Department urges anyone with more information regarding the location of Carson to contact them at 432-264-2244 or 432-264-2231.