Run for the Wall roars into Big Spring

Staff Writer

Approximately 400 motorcyclists made a brief stop at the Big Spring Vietnam Memorial Wall Saturday to bring awareness for military MIAs and POWs as they make their journey to Washington, D.C., in time for Memorial Day.
“When I started riding with Run for the Wall in ‘07, there was just under 2,000 service members still missing from Vietnam. Today there is 1,611,” said Ray Wyatt, Run for the Wall Southern route coordinator. “That means in the last 10 years we have identified and brought home almost 400 of our missing in action, and we want all of them home. We realize most of them if not all of them are deceased.
“We want them brought home and returned to their families and that what’s we are riding for. It is to promote accountability and also promote healing within our veterans that did not get a welcome home when they came home 40 years ago,” he continued. “That’s what we are wanting to get is give these guys the welcome home and keep our missing in action in front of the local people all along the way.”

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