Four indicted on gun smuggling charges

Staff Writer

Four people were indicted by the Howard County Grand Jury Thursday for firearm smuggling, charges from a case related to the death of a 12-year-old boy.
Christopher Yanez, Kimberly Kay Carson, Cindy Machado Lopez, and Cody Alan Wingo were all indicted in the 118th District Court on separate charges of firearm smuggling which is a second degree felony. According to information from the Howard County District Attorney's office, all four remain in jail.
On May 10, 12-year-old Jose Hernandez was taken to Scenic Mountain Medical Center with what was described as a gunshot wound, according to a press release at the time by the Howard County Sheriff's Office.
In a press conference held May 16, Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker said the cause of death was found to be a bullet fragment that hit Hernandez while he and other individuals were unloading weapons that had been reported stolen.
“We discovered at the time of the shooting, two people from Big Spring had actually broken into a residence in another county south of San Angelo, and in that burglary they took a lot of household items as well as 28 guns,” said Parker during the conference. “When they brought those guns back into Big Spring they picked up Jose Hernandez and they went to a residence north of town and began unloading them.”
According to Parker, it was at this time that a gun went off, sending a bullet through the tailgate of the pickup that didn’t hit anyone directly but fragments from the bullet and truck hit two people, one of them being Hernandez.

To see the full list of indictments, see Monday's edition of the Big Spring Herald.