CISD implements 9-week grading schedule

Staff Writer

Students at Coahoma ISD will have two less report cards this year as the district has switched from a six-week grading period to nine.
CISD Superintendent Dr. Amy Jacobs said the change is a better fit for the classroom today as Texas moves toward emphasizing process-based learning over memorization and drill.
“It has been the trend for a while,” Jacobs said. “If you look and follow the schools that are really leading the way in advancements on 21st century learning and just doing really good things, you will find almost all of them are on nine weeks.”
Jacobs expects the change will have little affect on the students or their parents. Instead of six report cards a year, students will receive four. Coahoma ISD will continue to send out progress reports every three weeks.
According to TEA spokesperson, school districts have the option to choose a six-, nine-, or 12-week grading period although the agency does not keep account of what school districts are on which grading period.