VA hospital leadership responds to 1-star rating

Staff Writer

A story in last weekend's edition of the Herald reported that the West Texas VA Health Care system had received a 1-star rating out of 5 possible stars on the Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL) Quality of Care assessment for Fiscal Year 2017.
This week, officials with the VA Medical Center sat down with Herald staff to discuss the low rating and the hospital staff's commitment to improving the quality of care it provides.
WTVAHC Director Kalautie JangDhari, Associate Director Manuel Davila and Associate Director of Patient Care and Nurse Executive Rebekah Friday, explained the rating from the viewpoint of the VA.
“Really what SAIL was intended to do for us, it was created internally by the VA, for us to measure ourselves against our peer groups within the VA, and also against ourselves, with how we performed the year prior. So those two measures,” said Davila. “Although it's been touted as a quality measure, it's only one of many. The VA has many, many quality measures, and SAIL is only part of that.”
Davila added that, on other assessments of the facility’s effectiveness, West Texas VA Health Care has scored very well.