Festival vandalism not dampening Christmas spirit

Staff Writer

A minor act of vandalism won't disrupt the Christmas spirit at the Comanche Trail Festival of Lights, said event coordinator Howard Stewart.
"We have those 8 by 8 vinyl banners. We had three of them that somebody took a knife to, slashed them down the middle," Stewart said. "They're $200 each. It was random. They were all there on Whipkey Drive, but they weren't in a row, like they cut one, skipped three or four, cut one, skipped three or four, cut one.”
The signs have been temporarily repaired to make it through the remaining week of the festival, he added.
"We have them duct taped now, but next year we'll replace them," he said. "At 10, when we locked up, they were fine. The cooks that come through at 6 a.m. for the people at the DRCC, the senior citizens, they're the ones who saw them. So after 10 and before 6. It just makes us mad that somebody would go in there and vandalize it."
According to the Big Spring Police Department Facebook page, "On December 18, 2017, officers with the Big Spring Police Department responded to 2700 Wasson Rd. (Comanche Trail Park) in reference to criminal mischief. Upon arrival it was found that unknown individuals caused damaged to several sponsor banners which were placed for the Festival of Lights by cutting them with a sharp object. There was a total of three banners that were damaged causing a loss of $600. The damage to the banners occurred between the hours of 10 p.m. on the 17th of December and 9 a.m., on the 18th of December."