Public works director discusses water main repairs

Staff Writer

Yesterday's Big Spring Herald reported that City of Big Spring work crews were hard at work repairing water mains damaged by the recent cold snap. Yesterday morning, Public Works Director Johnny Wommack explained the situation.
"Any time you have this kind of change in temperature, it makes it shift a little bit, with the expansion and contraction of the pipes," Wommack said.
He added that work crews from the city's Water Distribution and Collection Department have been hard at work on repairs.
"We've had staff out day and night since Friday, working," he said. "D&C guys have been out there plugging along."
Wommack said that, since last Thursday, about 40 line breaks have been reported to the city.
"Probably about 40. That's a lot," he said. "Some of them are easy ones that take just three or four hours, then we've had a couple that's literally taken close to 24 hours to fix. It just depends where it's at and what's tied in. We've had a couple of breaks where it will be multiple lines tied in, it'll be a juncture, I guess you'd say. We get those, you have to take everything out and put in everything new. If it's just a regular line break, generally we can get it done in three or four hours. We're averaging about eight (repairs) a day."
Fortunately the 40 breaks Wommack mentioned aren't all still outstanding, because crews have been working on them each day.
"Actually, by the end of the day, I'm hoping – and it depends on how many more breaks, but I'm hoping, and I'm going to jinx myself, but I'm hoping we're semi-caught up by the end of the day," he said. "We've been working them as we get to them."

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