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Summer workouts are heading into their second week, pro sports are slowly coming back one by one and the world of athletics is well on its way back to normalcy.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Big Spring Steers football schedule has been released and we have broken down their opponents week-by-week. In addition to that, the Lady Steers also finalized their 2020 Volleyball schedule and the fall sports calendar had quickly taken shape.

Late last week, Big Spring sent out another schedule for the swim team. During such a unique time period where there has been no public pools to practice in for months, each member of the swim team will have a lot of work to do when they are first able to get into the pool as a team.

Swim Coach Randall Shaw will have his hands full this year because of the never-before-seen situations that the coronavirus has created. Swim season is one of, if not the longest, athletic season at the high school level. These swimmers and divers begin their season in September and the last tournament of the season, the State Championships, are held in the middle of February.

Let us now take a look forward to the Big Spring swimming schedule that is set to begin this fall:

Meet One: Pecos Duel (Pecos) (Sep. 29)

Meet Two: Andrews/Seminole Double Duel (Big Spring YMCA) (Oct. 6)

Meet Three: Fort Stockton Invitational (Fort Stockton) (Oct. 17)

Meet Four: Abilene Invitational (Abilene - McMurry University) (Oct. 24)

Meet Five: Monahans Invitational (Monahans) (Oct. 31)

Meet Six: Lubbock 5A Invitational (Lubbock - Pete Ragus) (Nov. 6-7)

Meet Seven: Pecos Invitational (Pecos) (Nov. 21)

Meet Eight: Abilene & Abilene Cooper (Abilene - McMurry University) (Dec. 5)

Meet Nine: Seminole Invitational (Seminole) (Dec. 12)

Meet 10: Andrews Invitational (Andrews) (Jan. 8-9)

Meet 11: District 4-5A Championship (TBA) (Jan. 22-23)

Meet 12: Region 1-5A Championships (Lubbock - Pete Ragus) (Feb. 4-6)

Meet 13: State Championships (Austin - University of Texas) (Feb. 14-15)


With the re-opening of the Aquatic Center and the Big Spring YMCA, there will be more and more swimmers entering the pool each day as the summer goes on. One week of summer workouts are down for Big Spring so far and there are surely some swimmers taking place in the weight room and agility-based drills the Steers are going through each day.

Luckily for the swim team, none of their schedule was interrupted because of COVID-19 and they will be able to get back into the flow of things pretty easily compared to some other sports. Baseball and softball had most of their 2020 season’s canceled and football had their workouts delayed until the beginning of June.

Even though the swim team did not miss any of their scheduled meets last season, they still have been left without a way of practicing unless the student-athlete has a personal family pool. It is still way too early to tell if that will affect the Steers when they enter the pool for their first competition in about three-and-a-half months.

Shawn Moran is the sportswriter at the Big Spring Herald. To contact him, e-mail or call 432-263-7331.

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