Coahoma Workouts

The Bulldogs are led by Coach Coley Dobbs (bent over) and go through some lifts in the Coahoma weight room on Monday morning. 

The Coahoma Bulldogs and Bulldogettes began their second week of summer workouts this week and there has been a great turnout every day. On the first day of workouts, 175 student-athletes showed up ready and prepared to work off any unwanted gains that might have happened over the three months all of the student-athletes were stuck at home.

During the beginning of the second week of workouts, the attendance at Coahoma still remained high. Each group was split up into eight athletes and worked on their own, separate drills during the two-hour workout. While one group was working on drills such as lunges and high-knees, another would be doing 10-yard sprints or scissor kicks. The emphasis of the workouts on Monday morning seemed to be focused on explosiveness and working on getting up to full speed quicker.

Coahoma begins each day with all high school student-athletes in the morning and then the junior high athletes later in the day. Around 5:30 each day, student-athletes who had summer classes or were just unable to make it to the morning workouts because of differing circumstances are able to go up to the school and get their workout in.

On Monday morning, the boys and girls were training in separate groups on opposite sides of the field with a handful of coaches that included Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Chris Joslin. All groups would rotate after about 20 minutes at each station and head to the next coach leading the next drill.

Inside the weight room, Coach Coley Dobbs was leading half of the athletes through upper-body lifts and half of them through lower-body lifts. The room seemed to have great energy and it was obvious that all of the a Coahoma student-athletes were happy to be back with their coaches and teammates.

“All of our team is really close so it’s good to finally be back with them and working hard,” Bulldogette Julia Canales said. “We’re out here working harder than we were last year and we’re going to come back better than we were last year.”

Bulldog Patrick Gutierrez added, “It feels amazing. Just getting to see everybody from the team and getting back to it and getting everybody ready. It just feels really good.”

All of the guidelines set forth by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) were being followed with all of the athletes having plenty of space between them, hand sanitizer spread throughout the field and weight room, and a Coach disinfecting the bar after each lift.

These workouts are a welcome change for the Bulldogs and Bulldogettes who show up every morning to break a sweat and get themselves back into athletic shape. After three months of virtual meetings with coaches and working out on their own at home, it was obvious how much each student-athlete was enjoying themselves while working out alongside their teammates on Monday morning.

What kind of workouts were these Coahoma athletes doing during their isolated time?

“I was working out about twice-a-day and then I would go and do about a two-to-three mile run and finish it off with some sprints,” Gutierrez said.

Canales added, “I ran a lot. I definitely ran a lot. The mountain helped out with that.”

Even though everyone is glad to be back around their friends, teammates and coaches, there is still some energy to be desired during workouts from a small number of athletes.

“Don’t be lazy,” Joslin could be heard yelling at some athletes giving lackluster energy on the field.

Even though the school is now in Week Two of the return of summer workouts, there is still plenty of work to be done and progress to be made. Over the past week, it has become obvious which athletes were still working out over the three-month break and which ones decided not to.

That is an issue for high school coaches that is currently happening around the country with the return of team workouts. The majority of the Coahoma student-athletes seem to be following the flow of the drills consistently without any issues.

Coahoma will continue to work hard every day during this summer (excluding some mandatory off-days) and the future of the red and white looks bright. Even though it is a smaller school, the amount of dedication and energy shown by the Bulldogs and Bulldogettes to be at the school working out every morning during the summer is impressive and something every 3A school would like to have.

Joslin and his staff will continue to coach up their student-athletes over the next couple of months and will look to achieve more than their record-setting athletic programs from a year ago.

Shawn Moran is the sportswriter at the Big Spring Herald. To contact him, e-mail or call 432-263-7331.

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