Trayce Rodriguez

Rodriguez sets up for a practice swing at the course before the start of the tournament in Lubbock last week. 

Trayce Rodriguez has done it again. And again. And again.

The local young golf phenom has been tearing apart the NTPGA Junior Tour competition this summer and has yet to finish lower than third in any event played.

What could be even more impressive?

Rodriguez has won a staggering 10 events since the beginning of June and his only finish not at the top of the leaderboard was that single third-place finish. He has been able to show that week-in and week-out he is the best young golfer in his age group and it might not be that close.

“He just goes with the flow,” his mother Brandi Rodriguez said. “He’s out there beating the other kids by at least 10 strokes and his game just keeps improving.”

On the NTPGA Junior Tour, they keep rankings just like they would on the professional tour. As of now, Rodriguez is in first place by a large margin. He is currently sitting atop the leaderboard with 2,925.00 points for the summer season. The closest competitor to him is 1,175.00 points away.

Since each win on the Tour counts as 250.00 points, that means that the current second-place golfer would need to win at least five events to catch up to Rodriguez. The extra part of that hypothetical situation is that Trayce would seemingly need to sit out the next handful of competitions for the golfer in second-place to maybe catch him.

What has been his favorite shot over this summer season?

“He hit a 7-iron from about 95 yards out and almost dunk it right in on what would’ve been a 2 on a Par 5,” Trayce’s father Tony said. “That’s the one that’s probably been the most memorable for him.”

Rodriguez added another first-place finish to his trophy case yesterday when he finished Even on the day. The closest competitor finished a measly 19 strokes behind and further solidified Rodriguez as the most talented golfer in the region.

The future star is sure to keep his pedal to the metal throughout the rest of the Summer Tour and will look to keep up the top-level play when he moves up an age group later this year.

The big question is, how does Trayce feel about all these wins and great performances?

“Good,” he said.

As usual, the young golfer keeps it cool, calm, and collected.

Shawn Moran is the sports writer at the Big Spring Herald. To contact him, e-mail or call 432-263-7331.

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